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More Seeds

Feeling at a bit of a loose end, I went to the local Wilko’s this morning to see if they had much in the way of flower seeds. I’m determined to have a lovely summer garden1 again this year, and I’m a bit put out at having to wait for the possibility of frost to pass before the shops start stocking plant plugs from the nurseries. I’d already ordered about a dozen packs of seeds of eBay this morning, but don’t tell my missus - it’ll be our little secret.

Pre-Birthday Week Off

I’ve had this week booked off work to use up my annual leave before the allowances get refreshed in April. It was also supposed to be a week of day trips out to places that I’ve been meaning to visit on the train. The weather has conspired against me though, and I’ve been confined to the local area thanks to it having been raining every day! I’ve been using the time to get our diminutive walled garden terrace1 ready for Spring.