More Seeds

Feeling at a bit of a loose end, I went to the local Wilko’s this morning to see if they had much in the way of flower seeds. I’m determined to have a lovely summer garden1 again this year, and I’m a bit put out at having to wait for the possibility of frost to pass before the shops start stocking plant plugs from the nurseries. I’d already ordered about a dozen packs of seeds of eBay this morning, but don’t tell my missus - it’ll be our little secret. Anyway, I was selecting packs of seeds from the Thompson range when I noticed that there were much cheaper alternatives form Wilko’s own brand, up to a quarter of the price. I replaced the more expensive packs and came away with quite a haul.

I started the seeds in three 5x3 cell trays, each tray wth 3 cells of each sowed with the same plant. This has given me 15 rows of seeds - it worked out well as I’d bought 15 packs. I tried to put 5 seeds in each cell, but some species’ seeds were far too small to separate so I just sprinkled a small amount in those cells.

Today I’ve sown:

Black plastic seed stray on a white background. It has 5 rows of 5 cells, some with vermiculite on top.

Lobelia colour cascade mixed
Lobelia string of pearls
Aubrieta large flowered mixed
Verbena compact mixed
Bergamot panorama mixed

Coreopsis early sunsise
Dahlia piccolo mixed
Dahlia dwarf double mix
Antirrhinum monarch mix
Stock Ten Week Mix

Delphinium Pacific giants mix
Borage blue
Nigella black caraway
Agastache golden jubilee
Zinnia choice mixed

They’re all on a cleared bookshelf in the living room. I’ll keep you posted as they start to germinate.

  1. We have a small 15’x11’ back yard that we jokingly call our ‘diminutive walled garden terrace’. ↩︎